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I am deeply in love with the ongoing process of the practice. So much to learn, all the time.
Introduced to yoga in my early twenties. Since, I have trusted this journey through many seasons. Certified 200 hour RYT with the Yoga Alliance in Ashtanga yoga, I have been sharing yoga as a teacher since 2009. I follow the traditional teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.
My teacher is Sharmila Desai.
I also learned much from Petri Räisänen, Manju Jois, Tarik van Prehn and Lea Perfetti.
Every year I spend at least one month practicing with my teacher to further the journey.
I am a lifetime student.
I personally practice (and teach) Ashtanga yoga, but also teach other curated yoga classes. I am certified as a prenatal yoga teacher and pregnancy / birth assistant (doula).
I am also trained as a licensed massage therapist, currently working my own practice Swell Massage Therapy in beautiful Lofoten, Norway.
Humour and curiosity is one of the best therapy, and yoga creates the perfect space to explore all this.
It is from a place of expanding curiosity, creativity and joy that my practice is nourished. Seeing the deep transformation unfolding in the students inspires me profoundly. I hope to convey grounding, self-acceptance and peace in my classes.
Namaste to the global yoga community that is a constant source of diversity and inspiration.

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