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ONE DAY : February 17, 2018

NEW! WEEK IN LOFOTEN – NORWAY : May 25 – June 1, 2018

Either for a day or for a full week : nourish a better focus, a healthier body and balanced performance. Treat yourself to a dynamic, fun, relaxing and rejuvenating experience!

Cloe Lanthier running near Refuge de Veran - Haute Savoie France


We start the day with a yoga practice for healthy running: a morning energizing session designed to elevate the essentials aspects of both practices; breath, concentration and technique. Then its time to hit the trail for the running clinic that will focus on optimizing running fitness, expand training knowledge, improve running form and maximize strength, speed and endurance for the specific demand of mountain running. Chloë Lanthier , Patagonia ambassador and Founder/director of the X-Training School, is an amazing runner with a passion for sharing her knowledge and strong experience. At the end of the afternoon we turn to a restful class with yin yoga allowing deep relaxation after a day on the trail.

 95 € / pers
February 17, 2018 / 8.30 to 16.30 in Chamonix

Transportation to Chamonix before and after trip are not included. For registration, please send an email here with title ‘Winter run + yoga’.


IMG_1192This exclusive week focuses on quality running & training in an amazing natural environment. You will be treated with good food, breathtaking views, one-on-one coaching, mini-seminars, and daily yoga classes & instruction adapted for running. You will leave with knowledge and cutting edge mountain training secrests and inspired to take your training and fitness to the next level, the bonus, it will be lots of fun!
In a non-competitive context, we will focus on enjoying the trails, improving your running & fitness, learning the benefits of a yoga practice, and balancing a healthy lifestyle with quality recovery and nourishing food. Tons of learning + enjoying!  

The running
Each day Chloë Lanthier will balance the running with fun & spectacular trail runs, mini–clinics to learn great training drills & mountain running secrets, and you will get ton’s of individual tips for the trail. You will also experience a night adventure run in the arctic sunlight!
Important: the running will be well balanced between regular breaks, some half days, and ample of recovery to be energized each day!

You will learn about:

– Building strength & endurance for the trail
– How to run and train on hills and improve descending skills
– Running form & efficiency via video analysis and individual tips
– Fun & handy running drills to take home
– Training regimen to promote fat metabolism and greater leg oxygenation to run longer, faster and further
– Workout planning
– Injury prevention
– Monitoring recovery & nutrition
– Hydration & fueling for the trail

Focus of the mini-clinics: 

– Vertical (hill) training: climbing & descending drills to improve strength & efficiency
– Cadence, form and economy for all mountain terrain
– Training techniques to improve speed while simultaneously building endurance for the terrain and distance
– Tempo & quality runs
– Land training drills, prehab exercises and run stretching routine


The yoga

Each morning we will start the day with an energizing yoga session, wake up the body while elevating the essential aspects of the practice; breath, concentration and physical technique. This fun class is designed to inspire and prepare the body and mind for the mountains.


At the end of the day we turn to a restful session with restorative yoga, more focused on a repairing aspect. This yoga is unique in its way allowing a deep relaxation in the postures to completely soften the muscles and connective tissue. Excellent to keep the body supple and rehydrate the soft tissues.
Daily: Individual teaching and adjustments for a personalized yoga practice.

You will leave the week with greater knowledge :
– Why & how yoga can benefit your running and vice versa
– How to fit a yoga practice in your weekly training
– Build your own individual yoga practice
– How to enjoy a safe yoga practice
– How to develop your breath and maintain deeper focus
– To understand yoga posture and alignment

the price includes:

  • Transfer from Evenes airport to Svinøya, Lofoten
  • 7 nights accommodation in typical Norwegian house on the sea 
  • Healthy, delicious and energizing gourmet meals during the retreat (breakfasts, lunch, snacks & dinners)
  • Daily mountain runs + running clinics by established runner & educator
  • Trail running & training + yoga practice booklets
  • Daily instructed yoga classes designed for runners by certified yoga teacher
  • One massage during the week
  • A PATAGONIA cap + LYOFOOD smoothie and goodies for the trail
2250 € / pers
(places are limited)
May 25 – June 1, 2018
For registration, please send an email here with title ‘Lofoten run + yoga week’.
 You should comfortably be able to run 15km’s or an average of 90 minutes to 2 hours. Due to changing mountain weather conditions we ask to stay flexible so that we can get the most out of each day.

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